Gourmet taste from coffee waste.

We recycle used coffee grounds. We grow gourmet mushrooms.

Did you know that coffee is one of the World's most wasteful products? Only 0.2% of a coffee plant is used to make your brew, the rest of the plant is simply wasted. 

Sydneysiders drink around 1.23 million cups of coffee every day, generating around 86,100kg of waste coffee grounds! The vast majority of this waste is thrown away and ultimately ends up in a landfill. Fungimental will divert these coffee grounds from landfill and use them to grow gourmet mushrooms for Sydney to enjoy.

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How we help.

Rather than coffee grounds going to waste in a landfill, we use them to grow gourmet oyster mushrooms. The process is simple and, most importantly, sustainable.

Methane Coffee Mushrooms Recycle

In the anaerobic environment of landfill, the waste coffee grounds produce methane: A chemical that is far worse for global warming than CO2! Our aim is to make sure we stop as many coffee grounds as possible from reaching the landfills and make better, more productive use of these precious little brown granules!

Once Fungimental’s production begins we will be collecting around 2500kgs of used coffee grounds from local businesses each week – which means 2500kgs of used coffee grounds being saved from the landfills! All of these grounds will enable us to produce around 500kg of delicious gourmet oyster mushrooms every week. We will be growing shiitake mushrooms in the near future with other gourmet mushrooms to follow! 

We will be supplying the hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes and boutique grocers of Sydney with our mushrooms...look out for them near you soon!

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